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Beyond the Setting Sun

A story about grieving. When Ekundayo loses his Momma, it doesn't seem real at first. But at last he realises that she has gone, that it's okay to cry and that he is still cared for and surrounded by love. 


summer 2021

Text copyright © 2020 Sarah J Dodd. Illustrations 

© 2020 Cee Biscoe. Used with permission from Lion Hudson.

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When Miki the meerkat ventures out of the zoo into the big, wide world, all he can see are legs! Young children will love matching the animal legs to the faces, and there is a gentle reminder that even when lost and lonely, there is always help to be found.

Text copyright © 2015 Sarah J Dodd. Illustrations (inc page background) © 2015 Giusi Capizzi Used with permission of Lion Hudson.

Just Like You cover.jpg

Just Like You

When Miki the meerkat hears that a new family is moving in next door, he hopes to make a friend. But Raffa the giraffe is nothing like him...or is she?  A story about being friends despite our many differences.

Text copyright © 2017 Sarah J Dodd. Illustrations copyright 

© 2017 Giusi Capizzi. Used with permission of Lion Hudson.

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 Meerkats are cute but also cheeky and quite fierce!

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Raffa loves to join in

with an author photograph!

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