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The lynx. Stealthy predator, beautiful and silent. Some call it the keeper of secrets. But what if it was prowling wild in the forest near you? Would you be entranced...or would you be afraid?

A lynx kitten...it looks so cute but it's a wild, dangerous animal. What would you do if you found one, lost and alone?

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Keeper of Secrets


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'an absolute delight to read...the perfect winter book...absolutely a five-star book!'
5* netgalley review

'I honestly cannot put into words how well written this is. This book was delightful and I read it all in one sitting without putting the book down. The pace was good, the narrative was good, the characters were well developed and the setting was completely immersive. I laughed, I cried a lot and I didn’t want it to end. An incredible book that will be with me for a long time.'

- 5* netgalley review

Cover art by Becky Thorns

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'...a (deep) story about
rewilding, the balance of nature, and the pain of love and loss.'

- 5* netgalley review