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Look up, look ahead

At the moment, in lockdown when the sky is grey, it's easy to think about all the things we can't do, isn't it? Then we get a bit sad about them. But what if we think about them in a different way? Today I heard about a lovely idea to help us look up and look ahead:

Write down (or draw!) on some pieces of paper all the things you would really like to do when things are more 'normal' again. Put them in a jar and add more when you think of them.

Here are some of mine:

Have tea at my parents' house

Go for a swim

Browse in a bookshop or library (or even BOTH)

Look around a museum

Take a train journey

Enjoy all my favourite walks in the Lake District

Have a day at the beach

Visit a new city

Meet friends in my garden

Do lots more exploring by map

I wonder what yours are?

The more things are in your jar, the more you will realise how much there is to look forward to when this is over. You can pick one out each day or week, and do it!

And ordinary things will seem like wonders.

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